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Missionary Air Group (MAG) utilizes AIRCRAFT to deliver MEDICAL care, relief, and ministry services to REMOTE people groups - showing genuine COMPASSION, after the example of JESUS.


patient on stretcher in airplane

Medical Air Transport…

means providing air transportation for sick or injured patients and their family members enabling them to get out of a remote village and get to a missionary hospital or clinic to receive care. The pilot provides no medical care or assessment. Care begins upon arrival at the hospital. Transporting family members is particularly important as they are typically responsible for providing all the “nursing” care and food the patient will require during the hospital stay.

helping sick man into airplane

Air Ambulance Service /
Emergency Aeromedical Response…

means providing specially equipped aircraft and flight crew (flight nurse, doctor, or paramedic—in addition to a pilot) to allow patient assessment, stabilization, and emergency care to begin in the village and continue in flight. The program planned for the Peten region of Guatamala will include this type of service.

native children at airplane

Flying Doctor Service /
Mobile Clinics…

means flying doctors and medical teams to remote villages, enabling them to conduct needed preventative care and specialty clinics. This is the only access most indigenous people will have to the prenatal, pediatric, dental, or vision care taken for granted in developed countries like the United States.

plane take-off after supplies were delivered

Mission Support /
Disaster Relief…

means forming a logistics “bridge” for doctors, medical teams, ministry organizations, and relief agencies in order to get critical personnel and supplies to places needing help—places that are inaccessible except by air—particularly in times of natural disaster.