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Missionary Air Group (MAG) utilizes AIRCRAFT to deliver MEDICAL care, relief, and ministry services to REMOTE people groups - showing genuine COMPASSION, after the example of JESUS.

MAG Ministry Partners

Gabon, Africa
  • Bongolo Hospital
  • Christian & Missionary Alliance of Gabon
  • SIL (JAARS) Cameroon Base
Guatemala, Central America
  • Hospital Shalom
  • Jungle Breezes Youth Ministry
  • Kekchi Bible Institute
  • Vine International
  • Hospital Esperanza Contra Esperanza
Honduras, Central America
  • Hospital Rus Rus
  • Hospital Moravia, Ahuas
  • Alas De Socorro
  • Clinica Esperanza, Roatan
  • House of Hope, Puerto Lempira
  • Jungle Hospital, Rio Viejo
United States
  • MMS Aviation (MMS)
  • Mission Flights International (MFI)
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)
  • International Health Service of Minnesota (IHS)
  • Wycliffe/JAARS